Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stereotypes and Boxes

I got a link in one of my seven email accounts to a survey by Gallup.  I had gotten it before and discarded it, but it came back so I took the survey.  I hope it was legit and not a scam.

Along with the typical questions about self-identification and demographics, there was one about practices, something like this: 
Do you regularly
  • Shop at Walmart
  • Watch Nascar
  • Go to church every week
OK.  I can hit two of these.  So I guess they know all they need to know about me.  But it doesn't ask me if I visit art museums, go to the theatre, study film, or listen to NPR every day.  I have three graduate degrees from state universities.  All those things would put me in a different box than the Walmart/NASCAR/church attender box.

No wonder we are in the shape we are.

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