Saturday, October 22, 2016

God intervenes whether invited or not

I was recently involved in a secular ceremony.  It was outside, well attended by supporters (but not students), nicely constructed and a general success.   I was proud of our college. But I have an ironic comment.

I was asked to find a student to do the invocation and benediction.  I was supposed to find a student to do both, but “diverse.”  Well, I wasn’t going to walk up to a girl in a hijab and say, “You look like a Muslim, do you want to pray in public?”  That would be pretty culturally insensitive on several levels (I don’t know if Muslims pray that way.)  So I engaged two students I know, one American and evangelical, the other Chinese/Malaysian.  They had to  submit their prayers/blessing for approval. 

I was a little nervous about it.  The people in charge wanted a secular program.  Ha, ha.
Well, my invocater said “in Jesus’es name” when he wasn’t supposed to.  The choir sang a song in Latin that was half “Hallelujah” (as if we weren’t supposed to realize what that word means).  The orchestra played Nettleton, which is “Come Thou Fount.”  The college’s alma mater is sung to the tune of Hyfrydol, which is the tune for several hymns. 

If anyone was trying to leave God out, God didn’t buy it.

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