Saturday, October 08, 2016

My 1600th post on this blog: Review of Raging Bull

Yes, I have reached this milestone.  Most of them are Bible studies.  This one is a movie review. 

This was on one of the cable stations last night and I decided to watch it, finally.  I think I had started once before but early in the film Jake LaMotta is beating up his first wife, so I didn’t feel I needed to watch that. 
I read a lot of reviews afterward that spoke of its great brilliance, but as a whole, that was lost on me.  Yes, the cinematography was groundbreaking and interesting, that is, the use of light, black and white, angles, and the point of view of the camera in the fights.  (I had to turn the volume up to 55 from a usual 20 to hear their mumbling throughout most of it, though). 
The acting was equally brilliant. 
The story, not so much.  He is a violent, paranoid, jealous, mean, vulgar person who stays violent, paranoid, jealous, mean, and vulgar and maybe in the end has a better sense of his “self” but he has lost everything that matters and may care, but do we? He’s a terrible comedian, too.  I didn’t see the point. 
Some movies are great and you watch them over and over.  I won’t be wasting another precious two hours of my life on this one.  It may be a guy thing.  I think some movies, guys think are great, some movies, women think are great, and the really great ones appeal to both genders equally. 

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