Thursday, November 17, 2016

Time for Some Random Observations and ARRIVAL

Amazon ad:  Give the gift of permanent hair removal this Christmas.  Seriously?  I want that under my tree?

The only thing worse than a self-righteous conservative is a self-righteous liberal.  Sheesh.  Even worse are the self-righteous liberals who used to be self-righteous conservatives, but someone in their family converted them and they can't just agree to disagree--they have to make the whole world listen to them.

I have totally gone off Facebook.  I only checked it today for a message, but I hope to train my friends to contact me another way. It is bad for my relationships bad for my blood pressure, bad for my time management.  Of course, I am still blogging. 

I went to see the movie Arrival on Sunday.  Quite good, although any ambitious film like that is going to leave some questions.  My first one:  how could those beings manage to create those spaceships without opposable thumbs (or much else in terms of anatomy)?  Second:  if your language doesn't allow you to think without reference to time, wouldn't it also limit you from thinking in terms of linear time, in which case 3,000 years from now is meaningless?  My third:  I love how we need aliens to bring us together. 

Fourth:  I am still confused as to when the little girl died.  Louise says at one point when they are getting into a truck that her ex-husband used to tell her that she had some characteristic (don't remember exactly) and Ian says, "I didn't know you were married. " Later in the movie he becomes her husband.  His comment would have to come prior, in real time, to their marriage, to be logical.  How many husbands does she have?  Is Ian the father of the little girl? sDoes she not know the past from the future from the present because she learned the language? And this is supposed to be a gift?

I submitted a playscript to a content in a local theatre company.  Playwriting format is a royal pain in the neck.  Took me way too long to get it right.  The title of my play is The Foark River Tanning Salon and Bait Shop.  People laugh when they hear the title.  It is a comedy.  (duh).  I hope I win at least second place. 

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