Saturday, December 24, 2016

Advent 14, 2016

Christmas gifts can come in all sizes.  God gave me one today.

Walking Nala the pitbull this Christmas Eve afternoon, taking a needed break between cooking wrapping cleaning errands Christmas Eve service, I appeased her by walking near the creek that snakes around the high school where we walk.  I heard a rustling noise and she stopped, I turned and saw the creature above rising through the trees and taking off southward.  The blue and gray was remarkable, not just a bland blend in with the dead trees color. 

Recently I was driving up our road to get out of our holler and onto where things happen.  Across the road rushed an animal--larger than a cat, not quite a dog.  He stopped and looked at me; a red fox.  A few days later I saw his crushed body on the same road, further down. 

It would be (fill in the blank) if somehow these creatures could coexist with us in suburbia (sometimes bears are seen here!).  Then, however, they might not be such a serendipitous occurrence. 

Seeing a great blue heron is not a miracle, just a blessing.  Tomorrow we reflect on a real miracle that touches every particle of our lives today, whether we like it or not.  Our pastor tonight said he hears preachers say "Make Jesus Lord of your life," but he wants to say, "you don't make Jesus Lord of anything; He already is."  Today, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and ongoing He is Lord; we live in that light.

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