Thursday, December 08, 2016

Advent 3 2016

Needless to say my Advent posts are behind.  As usual I am behind with everything at Christmas--no tree up, the only baking my world famous fruitcake, no Christmas cards out, only a few gifts bought.  It will get done.  Or not.  We put way too much unnecessary pressure on ourselves at the holidays so that we (I speak of women) can keep up with the Joanns, who are trying to keep up with us. Silly.

I am almost 95% after my flu bout.  It amazes me how such a tiny thing as a microbe or virus can wreak so much havoc on one's health and life, making ripples to other people.  I had to be out of class, which meant I couldn't spend time with my students that I needed to. 

"Little things mean a lot."  The Nativity is a small story about a small baby in a small town in a small country.  It has massive waves, not just ripples, throughout eternity. 

I am supposed to teach on the third Advent week, Peace.  What a subject:  A hard nut to crack but a well that would never be exhausted. 

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