Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Advent 7, 2016

(Well, I am averaging one every two days of December.)

This article from Christianity Today was thoughtful and thought-provoking. 

Turbulence at Advent

I might take some personal issue with a few minor things.  There is a presumption that this time in history is more turbulent than others. No, we just know about the turbulence more due to 24/7 media coverage, which makes for a noisy culture. We need rest in the Hebrews sense (rest from labor, rest from unbelief), but not sleep, which is metaphorical in Scripture for bad things--death, apathy, unawareness.  We can sleep and lie abed and not rest.

But overall the point that there are seasonal and bodily rhythms that support the spiritual and we are in a time when repentance and rest are needed and welcomed.  What we repent of makes all the difference, perhaps.  

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Attention, Ego, Spirituality, and Drugs

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