Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

I must think the world needs my blogging if I am doing it on Christmas Eve.

Actually, I am in a mischievous mood.  I have on the Hallmark Channel's "Yule Log" which is literally a video of a fireplace with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra singing about snow.  They did play "Do you hear what I hear?" which is remotely Christian.  I was surprised.

Our church choir sang a beautiful rendition of "Little Drummer Boy."  We all have Christmas songs we just don't like. That one is mine.  Why in the world would Mary want the little boy to play a drum for a baby?  I think she had more sense than that.  I have a friend who can't abide "Go Tell It on The Mountain."  These personal pecularities--where do they come from?  It's like how much I dislike marshmallows or another friend despises mayonnaise (which I can't imagine cooking without). 

Another point:  fruitcake.  I make a delicious fruitcake.  I just had some.  Would rather eat it than Godiva chocolate, seriously.  (the rum helps).

Merry Christmas, all!  Signing off. Light those Advent candles tomorrow and enjoy the moments as well as the day.

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