Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cliche Come True

The cliche about passport photos being awful came true for me today.

I tried to get one made at the big box store with a blue and yellow logo, but after a twenty-minute wait I was told that the "technicians" hadn't taken the photo right and I'd have to do it again, but heh, I didn't have to pay for it (as if I would have!)  I sort of lied and said I would come back, but decided to go to a smaller chain that does photo processing and passport photos.

I did today.  He said, "don't smile," so I took him seriously.  It is the most hideous photo of me ever taken.  I look like a criminal coming off a three-day drunk with bad big hair.  My son said it looked like a five-day drunk.  My husband was horrified.  "Please tell me I don't really look like that" I begged.  He said I didn't.  He wouldn't have married me if I looked that bad. 

Sigh.  At least when one travels one usually looks bad and tired. 

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