Sunday, December 11, 2016

Missing the Point of Christmas

Although I succumb and watch them in weak moments (and having just finished a bout with flu--despite getting a shot--I've had some weak moments in the last two weeks), I am the world's biggest critic of Hallmark movies.

1.  There is a scary lack of diversity in them. I can count the number of black people on one hand, and they are usually of the "magical Negro" or "passing acquaintance" or "mean boss" variety.
2.  Everyone lives in a $200,000 or much more home despite never really working very hard.  They also have beautifully appointed homes.
3.  The plots are pure escapism and the dialogue cringeworthy--although occasionally they are better and reach what the old Hallmark Hall of Fame standard meant.
4.  God does not exist but miracles, faith, hope, etc. do.
5.  Many of them are long advertisements for cards and ornaments.
6.  At least we don't have cursing or sex scenes or even the hint of extramarital sex.

And big hypocrite that I am, I will probably sip cocoa and watch a few in the next two weeks.

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