Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fact, Fiction and Hysteria

I find myself in the unenviable position of saying, "Look, I think Trump's a jerk, but let's calm down.  Let's look at what he's really doing and not take the media's and left's hysteria for fact."

This article explains the supposedly "Ban on Muslims" that isn't.

You can also search for the actual text of that order.  The word Muslim does not appear.  The word permanent does not appear.  This is not a permanent ban on Muslims or refugees.  It is a slowing down of the process to vet better.  Still, it seems to have caused an unnecessary confusion that is not boding well for his management style.  No nuance whatsoever.  And possible xenophobia. 

Now, whether it is needed is another issue, but it's not outside of the constitution per se. However, this practice of executive orders may be more the problem than what the orders are asking for.  We have gotten so deep into imperial presidencies since Wilson that we don't know what end is up.

Dare I say that maybe Trump is asking us to obey some immigration laws that have been ignored?  Dare I say that if the millionaires on the left are so concerned about Planned Parenthood and NPR, that they can pay for it?  Dare I say that our government has gotten too big and we expect the government to take care of us cradle to grave?  Dare I say that the government really doesn't have a responsibility to pay for the arts?  Dare I say we should go back to the real functions of government in the constitution, like defense and building roads and protecting interstate commerce? Clearly I lean libertarian.

Still, he's a con man, and I don't trust him.  I'm not worried about  a fascist dictatorship.  Yet.  It falls to us to be vigilant. 


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