Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fresh Studies in Matthew, Matthew 9:14

In response to a question about why the disciples of Jesus do not fast like John’s, Jesus essentially says, they will, when I am gone.  I am with them now and there is no reason to mourn and fast.  I found the analogy of the patched garment and new wineskins odd most of my life because I didn’t understand the reality of these items.  Sure, I patched garments, but with those patches manufactured ones that don’t shrink!  And we don’t make wine in animal skins now.  The kingdom Jesus is bringing is new and putting old parts of the former kingdom, with emphasis on law, is not going to work.  We cannot mix the law and grace.  So much of what he is saying is hearkening back to Jeremiah’s promises of a new way of doing things.

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