Monday, January 30, 2017

Thinking about Some Big False Ideas

The United States is not Israel in the Old Testament.  We are a representative democracy, a democratic republic with a constitution. 

We are not obligated to follow the laws of the Old Testament about the aliens and strangers among us.  As a sovereign nation, we are to protect our borders and citizens. 

Christians are not Old Testament Israel either.  Most of the "promises" Christians use from the Old Testament do not apply to us, especially not individually.

In Matthew 16 Jesus said, Upon this rock I will build my church.  That means he was going to start something new--new wine in new wineskins.  He wasn't replacing Israel; he was starting the church.  The church has very clear teaching of its own to follow, called the gospels and epistles.  Every spiritual and moral principle that God wants us to follow from the Old Testament is repeated in the New.

So, where does this lead us to refugees? 
Don't quote Old Testament passages about taking care of aliens and say they apply to us.  I find this especially strange from liberals who don't want to follow any of the rest of the Old Testament law.
As a church and an individual, practice all the love, compassion, and hospitality you can!  Hebrews 13 says to!  Romans 12 says to!  Help and minister to the refugees through NGOs, be aware, read, know the truth, don't just respond emotionally (although you should, but it should be based in fact). 

Stay off Facebook. It is a nest of lies and liars. 

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