Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hysteria Revisited

NPR again--apparently The Handmaid's Tale is now the novel of the age.  We are all going to be living in a patriarchal theocracy where the women are "Hagars" to Abrahams.

Yes, I've read it. Interesting enough book.  But why in the world would people on the left think that America was going to become like that?  Isn't the view of women in it more like the Muslim countries than a secular republic?

I do hesitate to use the word hysteria in regard to women, knowing that the origin of the word was a slap at women, in a sense--same word as hysterectomy, referring to the womb.  Only women are supposed to have hysteria, according to the ancient origin of the word.  Men have plenty of it, although with men more violence gets involved.  In this case, however, the hysterical reactions seem to be coming from women, mostly.  

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