Friday, February 03, 2017

NPR Revisited

OK, I have been on an NPR bashing roll lately, which is bad because I really like their humanities and arts coverage, most of the time, and that they report stories from all over the world.  I didn't appreciate their story on drag queens who put on strip shows at Christmas, a show called "Homo for the Holidays" (about as blasphemous as you can get) and the days of my giving them money are over.  Yesterday sort of told me how out of touch they are.

It was a story about a Latina actress who is starring in a new Norman Lear (yes, that Norman Lear) sitcom (he's 94) with Rita Moreno (85).  It is, from what I can tell, a Latino version of Good Times, of the Jimmy Walker Dynomite fame.  Yeah.  But the actress was saying that they wanted to get the details right, so the Latinos had to tell the director that Latinos use "country crock bowls" for leftovers, not Tupperware.  The NPR staff member bought that that was a Latino thing.

Uh.  No.  It's a poor--no, a normal people thing.  Blacks, whites, and Latinos use Cool Whip (or store brand version) and margarine containers as Tupperware.  I have plenty of them myself.  It's good for the environment and cheap and practical. 

How out of touch was that guy on NPR?

It reminds me of some colleagues, a generation younger than I, who were appalled that my son and I took my husband to Waffle House for dinner on Father's Day. Why not?  What's better than scrambled eggs and cheese, raisin toast, and hash browns? Yet I am sure this person with three graduate degrees from public universities would be stereotyped as uneducated and clueless for liking a diner like Waffle House.

This is again why the media was appalled that any one would vote for Trump, or actually, would not vote for HRC.  Of course, I am pretty much appalled by Trump, but when you think you are as misunderstood by the media elites as this--not realizing we all don't use Tupperware--I can understand the anger and desire to want to push back.  I don't understand voting for Trump, though.  Yikes. 

By the way, speaking of cuisine, any ethnic cuisine is largely based on what is available to the poor.  Rice. Beans.  Spices.  Potatoes.  Pasta (flour). Corn.  Pork.  The whole animal (don't throw anything away, just like not throwing away the Cool Whip bowls). 

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