Sunday, February 12, 2017

The People vs. OJ

Man.  I got hooked on this on NetFlix, mostly because a former student was a background actress in it and I wanted to see her.  I didn't because I was too caught up in the show.  I can't say I recommend it because it will take eight to nine hours of your life that would be much better spent on helping your neighbor, learning a new skill, praying, etc.  But it was addictive.  I did not pay much attention to the trial when it happened, I confess.  I think I had a life to live at the time.  At the time I just couldn't believe OJ would do such a horrendous crime so I chose not to accept that he was guilty, but I soon knew better.

My outstanding (in my mind, not in quality) thoughts:
1.  Considering the race relations at that time, perhaps it was best that he was acquitted to avoid a repeat of the riots in L.A.  Since he will be in jail for a while still, is disgraced, lost everything, etc., justice was done.  He would never have been executed anyway, so disgrace, poverty, and decades in jail is just.
2.  I have to wonder if the Kardashians were behind financing this program because their dad really comes off well, like one of the few decent people.  Although one has to wonder how he could be so good a friend with such a narcissist.
3.  Cuba Gooding was ok as OJ, but not the best pick.
4.  Race relations have not improved much, according to the world created in this show. 
5.  The Goldmans were treated respectfully and that one scene with them and Marsha Clark was the only one I was emotionally involved in.  The rest was like watching a train wreck, sort of like the election returns in November.
6.  Black people in general do not come off that well, in my opinion.  I am surprised there wasn't more criticism of it on that score.  They come off as totally unconcerned about facts, only with symbolism of a black man on trial being let off. 
7.  I had no idea Mark Fuhrmann was such a horrible person.  I am shocked that he was a commentator on Fox News.  Consequently, I will not be watching Fox News again.
8. At one point OJ says, "I'm not black, I'm OJ."  This is something he said at one time.  That is a gut-wrenching statement.
9.  Bob Shapiro recently says OJ still owes him money for the defense.  I guess a lot of people got shafted in this situation.

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