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The First Temptation of Jesus

I am approaching this lesson from Matthew 4 as an interactive one.  Here is the sheet I am using. 
There are three accounts of this incident in Jesus’ life. 
 Matthew 4:1-11
Mark 1:12-13
Luke 4:1-13

They have similarities and differences.
What are the differences on the surface? 

Matthew and Luke have a different order
Some slight wording and detail differences
Mark does not include the temptations, but mentions the wild beasts. 

Matthew 4:1-11: Answer these questions with a partner.

Satan first tempts Jesus to _____________________________________________. 

This is a temptation about
The body           Possessions      To test God’s word    Taking power

Satan then tempts Jesus to _______________________________________________________,

This is a temptation to
Fulfill his own desires        Take a shortcut to the cross      Test God’s word         

In this temptation and the first, what are the first seven words of what Satan says to Jesus?  _____________________________________________________________________________.

Why do you think those seven words are important to understanding this passage?

What happened in Matthew 3:17 that is important to understanding the temptation of Jesus?

Satan’s third temptation is to _____________________________________________________.

This appeals to the human need for
Power and recognition              Relationships                  Safety and security

How does Satan lie in this passage? Check all that apply (3 are correct).
  • o   He claims to have power he does not have.
  • o   He says Jesus shouldn’t be hungry if He is the Son of God.
  • o   He uses the Scriptures out of context.
  • o   He promises outcomes that he does not control or have authority to give.
  • o   He says Jesus doesn’t have any power.
Jesus answers Satan three times with scripture.  Where do those Scriptures come from in the Old Testament? (use the notes in your Bible)

Application:  This passage has meaning for us in terms of theology/Christology, understanding temptation, and dealing with sin. 
1.     Jesus’ identity as the Son of God has just been confirmed at His baptism, and Satan is mocking it and using it against Him.
2.     Could Jesus sin?
a.     Differences of opinion; a paradox.
b.     Not a real temptation if He couldn’t sin. (Hebrews 4:15)
c.      If He could sin, how could He be holy Son of God?
3.  Luke says in 4:13 “Satan departed him until a more opportune time.”  What was that time?

Why is this important?

How is that other temptation like this one?  Physical extremity, three times the disciples “abandoned him” so he was alone, the angels ministered to him (Luke 22:43)

4.     4.  Some scholars emphasize that this temptation is related to the temptation of Adam and the testings of Israel in the desert journey.  How?
5.     5.  Satan uses our physical and emotional weakness against us.

6.     6.  40 Days is symbolic in the Bible of temptation and testing, for example ________________________________________________________________________________.

7.     Satan attacks our faith with lies and misapplications of the Bible (wrong ideas, such as that our lives should be perfect, we should not face trials, etc., “If you are a child of God, why are you ….. [weak, sinning, not fulfilled, struggling, lonely]”)

8.     What takeaways do you see for dealing with the temptations of Satan?

Know and use Scripture correctly.
Know when you are weak and open to temptation.
Don’t expect not to be tempted. 
Realize that some temptation is from our circumstances and internal needs and personality, not necessarily Satan.

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