Monday, May 29, 2017

Franky Planner Quotes, Take 1

I am going to start a regular feature here where I comment upon the daily quotations that the Franklin Covey people put in their planners.  Some of them I love. Some are way dumb.

Today is this gem from Joseph Campbell.  "A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."

Well, let's unpack this.  On the surface, it sounds good.  However, . . . After two tragic terrorist attacks last week, I beg to differ.  Those young men, in Manchester and in Egypt (actually, according to this website, there were many more last week), had given themselves to something bigger than themselves, radical Islamic-motivated terrorism.  I don't think they qualify as heroes. (Note:  the website link may be controversial, so this is not an endorsement of it.)

Seems to me we have to ascribe positive output, constructive results to a hero somewhere.

Now who exactly is Joseph Campbell?  Literary types love to quote him.  He was a literary critic and scholar, although he never earned his Ph.D., ironic since he has been the basis of many.  He loved Eastern religions, and he wrote an often-quoted book about mythological archetypes, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.  So he's respected in some circles, but hardly the end-all of wisdom.  All that said, he died before Isis and Al-Quaeda became threats to peace.   

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