Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fresh Look at Matthew: Matthew 16:21 continued

--> In the gospels, Jesus does not express doubt about who he is.  Everything he says and does comes from the presupposition, the foundation that he is the Son of God, on a mission, and therefore unique and powerful.  He’s here to present the gospel, not really to argue for his right to express it.  He does present an argument, but it’s not a full defense or apologetic.  The miracles are a part of this argument. You can’t read the gospels with the idea that Jesus is dialoguing.  He gives a choice, not a buffet.  My way or the broad way.  One can like it or lump it, but he’s not wimpy and he’s not changing the options.  At the same time, he does give some choice.  “If anyone desires to come after me, it’s going to be rough, so know that now.The rewards are here, but mostly at the end.  We have to take the long haul view, which is why patience is so important.

In reading these passages, I wonder how we got to the Christianity of Joel Osteen?

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