Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fresh Look at Matthew: End of Matthew 26

The chapter ends with Peter’s denial, not once, but three times.  They progress in vehemency: denial, denial with an oath, denial with cursing and swearing. Thoughts:

In case anyone thought the apostles were goody-two-shoes plastic saints, this should convince them otherwise.  They were blue collar guys who hung out with blue collar guys before Jesus came, and he was a tradesman/workman for many years. 

In the first two denials, he denies to a young girl.  Fear has no boundaries or logic.

He wept bitterly when he realized what he had done.  We can weep from knowing that we are known by God.  Peter saw that he was known at his deepest core; he thought he would be strong enough, Jesus knew he would not.  Jesus wanted Peter to see himself before he could be fully used.  Peter had misconceptions about his own character and abilities.  This was the last straw for that.  We can weep from joy or from bitterness at knowing we are known.  Knowing we are known fully can be joyous and a comfort, too.

Poor Peter has been the butt of sermons for 2,000 years.  I have a sneaking suspicion most of us would have done the same thing. This story is here because it is a fact but also because it is a reminder to us to get and be real.   

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