Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Get Through College in Four Years

It is possible to get through college in four years, although the majority of college graduates do not achieve this feat.
1.  Don't change your major, especially not past your sophomore year.  Get advisement or counseling about what you should pursue before taking two years of classes that largely do not count for anything.
2.  Don't drop or fail a class.  One drop or failed class each semester for first two years means a whole other semester, at least, assuming you can get the classes.
3.  See your advisor as much as you can and re-emphasize the idea you want to get through in four years. Make sure there are no surprises.  If your college has Degreeworks or another auditing tool, use it; don't take your advisor's word for it.  They probably have 200-300 clients, and that's a lot to keep track of.
4.  Stay aware of course rotations so that you don't find out the course you need in the senior year only gets taught every other year (this happens A LOT).
5.  Take 15 hours a semester or more. (Do the math.  College degrees are basically 120 hours over 8 semesters--that's 15 per semester.) 
6.  Go to summer school at least once.
7.  Keep in mind that you are going to have to pay for a whole year if you don't do what's listed above.
8.  Remember; college can be fun but realistically that's not the main point.  Only students with rich parents can afford to go to college for fun.  Be prepared to dig in and get it done.  

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