Monday, January 08, 2018

On Writing Books in a Glutted Market

I am reading Clay Shirkey's book Here Comes Everybody.  Although it's a little out of date, the theory about what is happening in Web 2.0 is on point.

Without the traditional gatekeeper, we can all self-publish, or self-compose and produce.  Most of it is garbahge.  I hope mine is not.  But even if it's not, there are too many books being published and therefore it is harder and harder and harder to be noticed.

So traditional publishers have an advantage still, and those of us who choose to bypass them have a huge disadvantage.  Case in point:  My most recent book on Daniel.

I saw that there is a "bestseller" (in terms of books on Prophets in OT) out now by a pastor of a large church in Birmingham, and it's published by Thomas Nelson. His appears on the surface to be the same content as mine, although I think my message is quite different.  Plus, I'm a woman, plus, I actually have worked in the secular professional world.  Mine is more about leadership ethics; his appears to be more about personal evangelism.  (The book is called The Daniel Dilemma.)

But how do I get mine out there and read?  I was elated that I sold two copies this weekend.

Even more, I'm getting ready to publish my first mystery novel by spring (still a lot of work to do on it).  That might be more of a draw, although I think the Daniel book has more personal value to people.


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