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Amish Obsession

Today I was standing in our college's library when a student of mine walked up and greeted me.  I was standing by the shelves of New York Times bestseller books that our library displays, and he asked me if I was looking for a book.  I joked, "If you want to read a good book, read mine.  Ha, ha, don't read this trash," pointing to the bestsellers.

My book is NOT a bestseller.  I hope it's not trash. However, whenever I go to the CBD website to check on where it stands, I notice that all the "Christian" bestsellers in fiction seem to be about the Amish people--or better, young Amish women.

I watched a Hallmark movie the other night based on one of them, called The Shunning.  I liked the movie, although it had some plot holes which I will not discuss in case someone wants to watch it.  But it got me to wondering about the Amish obsession in Christian fiction.

I have been to Lancaster, PA.  It was back in the '80s, and a friend and I were up there and …

Blogging Redux

The Easter Season is technically over and I have been thinking about my return to blogging.  However, I am not bulging with ideas right now, other than some book reviews.  I just finished Mark Noll's Scandal of the Evangelical Mind and have many thoughts about it, which I will share eventually.  Most of my bloggings would be snarky, and snarky is not exactly in short supply.  I could also write about my dog, but I have nothing clever about that.  So I may be less visible on the blogosphere for a while, weighing in once a week or so.  I have neither been well nor energetic lately, and it's the end of the semester,  and a time of transition for my son, so blogging is just not a priority.

A few points:  As mentioned earlier, I am mystified by this Donald Trump brouhaha.  Seriously?  Really?  But I am also marveling about his name.  Is that a made-up name?  Trump "trumps" his foes.  So cute.

Back pain is just dreadful.

It's great to see little green leaves pop up th…

Colossians 1

Remembrances of Bloggings Past

Philippians 4: Personal, Practical, and Financial

Thinking Critically About CriticalThinking

Recently we (i.e., the facultyat our college) had to redo all of our student learning outcomes to conform to our authorizing agency.  To some extent we had to put the SLOs in a format tht showed our class taught Global Perspectives, U.S. Perspectives, and Critical Thinking.  It was, as many things are, tedious, but it got done, and we are satisfied with it.  But the process raised a number of questions for me, as did a project I am working on with a colleague in another discipline.

Critical thinking is the buzz word for the ages in higher education, but do we even know what we are talking about?  Below are my musings about the subject, which I put out here in cyber space to see if anyone want to comment upon them.

First, critical thinking is a process, not an outcome.  It is a system for getting to a conclusion, not the conclusion.  The best definition I've read is this one, from the website critical, "the skillful application of a repertoire of validated general…

Is the World Going Crazy?

I have not been posting, except my Sunday School lessons, and will continue not to until after Easter.  However, the urge just got too much for me and I have given in to writing down some not-so-random thoughts.

The title of this post just reflects how I feel about the so-called news that I see on the Internet, TV, or newspaper.  We are bombing Libya but do not know who the rebels against Quadaffi, or Gaddafi, or whatever his name is, are.  One thousand or more have been slaughtered in Ivory Coast, who knows why; similar killings are going on in Syria, and of course Gaddafi had been murdering his own people.  The only place where chaos doesn't seem to be is in Japan, where the Japanese people are trying to cope despite seeming incompetence in their leadership over this nuclear threat.

We have a Congress that can't make a budget and a president whose decision-making perplexes me and his own party.

And people are seriously talking about Donald Trump being president!  Deliver us!…

Philippians 3: Moving Forward?