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Thoughts on guilt

After posting, I realized this is post number 1200.  Not bad.  Some of these are brilliant, some inane. The brilliant ones I probably didn't write.

I had a flash this morning that a lot of our guilt is self-inflicted and a result of self-absorption.  I am experiencing caregiver guilt, and although I can tell myself it is irrational, that doesn't solve a problem.  We can tell ourselves truths but it takes our emotions (and the bodily responses that go along with emotions) a long time to catch up with the truths.  Guilt of this type comes from a belief that we can of ourselves relieve suffering and stop or slow down the dying process, which is not in our hands.  It reminds us how limited we are, which is a good thing to be reminded of.  In Beth Moore's study in James she writes, "we are supposed to need God."  There is a lot to think about in those six words.  Part of my problem, as with most of us, is innate belief I can handle it and that I am supposed to handle …

Books for Sale Revisited

Less than a week ago, there were 33 copies of my first novel on Amazon.  Now there are 15, so 18 of them have sold in the last few days.  If anyone knows why, please let me know.  I hope someone is reading them.

Checking in

Thought I would post just to update. 

I just saw that one of my posts, the one on "Review of Group Dynamics in 12 Angry Men," has 770 hits.  Wow.  Not all of those are spam.  Apparently a lot of college students are looking at my work, and maybe I am being cited.  Something makes me think I am not.  Thank goodness for Turnitin; I wish all profs would use it, as it has been a lifesaver for me.  There are other similar programs but if it ain't broke, I ain't changing.

Mom is declining.  She is in bed 20-21 hours a day, at least.  I got a letter from an insurance company indicating she was dead and they needed a death certificate.  That was upsetting to deal with.  I made burial and funeral arrangements the other day.  I am concerned that I feel so unemotional about all of this; so much has to be done, so I am in "Get her done" mode; there is a lot of guilt involved in this whole process, but it is not about me right now, nor my unreasonable guilt.  My nephew …

Books for Sale

If you come to this blog because you were on Amazon and saw it, let me say I can sell you new copies (signed) of my books cheaper than on Amazon.  At least the second two.  The prices for those books used is ridiculous.  I will sell Cross Road and Legacy for $10.00 each, plus the real shipping cost.  Post a comment and I'll tell you how to get them.  I have a bunch I need to get shed of.  I really think Cross Road is the best written of the two, and that the second two are much more interesting than Traveling Through, but you probably should read Traveling Through first.

Now, I really wish people would come to this blog and discuss those books.  I think they are controversial.  I'd like somebody to say, "I really hated your book because ....." and give me a good reason.  Well, maybe not hate, but .... 

Political Divide

In my public speaking class, which met last night, the students are preparing their persuasive speeches.  I sometimes think the whole class should be about these speeches, and I often feel they get short shrift, especially in an abbreviated summer class.  But it means we will talk about topics, and same-sex marriage always comes up.

I don't think my students understand I play devil's advocate a lot, nor do they understand my sense of humor, which is probably more like Stephen Colbert's than I want to admit.  I don't always say what I really feel or believe, and I try very hard to judge speeches by their merits, not by what the students express.  On this blog I say things that will probably get me in trouble. 

I remember back in the '70s Francis Schaeffer, a prophet I think, said that the modern world would be focused on the values of affluence and apathy.  This is another way of saying that most people, and I hear it in the words of my students, think in terms of …

We Might as Well Do the Right Thing

This is an excellent article on the Breakpoint site.  I agree wholeheartedly.  When one looks at what is happening in the Middle East, what choice do we have but to follow God wholey and holy. I have been somewhat suspicious of the cultural relevance arguments all along.  In the past, Christians formed the culture rather than trying to keep up with it.


My sweet husband came up to sit with my mom while I went to Sunday School this morning.  My class is listening to a Beth Moore video series on the book of James.  She knocked it out of the park this morning.

Point one:  Don't protect your students from the truth.  This applies to Bible teaching but I think to all teaching.  Many applications here.  That doesn't mean the truth would have to be slapped in their face, but it shouldn't be sugarcoated to the point it is unrecognizable.

Point two:  She spent half the lesson on the subject of cynicism, in the sense of how the Internet has made it possible for anyone anywhere to get on and criticize and be snarky (she didn't use that word, but it's a good one) about anyone and make it their religion; it is especially the religion of Christian.  She allowed that some people have had great disappointments, especially from working in churches, but that these folks needed to get their eyes off their disappointments and see wha…


Isn't it interesting that God designed the human body to need to sleep about one third of its life? 

I mentioned this to my husband and he said, "And we are supposed to take a Sabbath rest."  So that adds more time to the rest.

God knew we would work all the time if we could, because of pride and greed.  Even the earth (farmland) was supposed to take Sabbaths, and by extension the animals.  It is an issue of proper ordering of life. 

I am thoughtful about this because my brother is visiting and I slept in my own bed last night, at home, after three weeks gone.  It was nice, but my nerves and concern are with my mother, knowing she has gotten dependent on me.  I think sometimes, I'll rest when all of this is over, but that is not going to sustain me and is prideful.  I tend not to let others take up the burden, which is prideful (even something as stupid as taking the trash to the dump, my husband's job).  Hence, a need for Sabbath, even if it is not necessarily o…

Logic 101, Hobby Lobby, Facebook, and the Supremes

Of course, people had to use Facebook to make their comments on the Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby.  What was clear to me from these posts is that
1.  People had not read the decision, and
2.  People become so entrenched in their commitment to Obama that they can't deal with issue
3.  Logic and Facebook do not coexist.

Argument 1:  Because Hobby Lobby sells stuff from China, they ...... They what?  Don't have any legal standing?  Don't have a right to go to the Supreme Court with their case?  We shouldn't shop there?  They are morally reprehensible?  Then no one in this country has any rights, because we all buy Chinese crap, and we are all morally reprehensible.  Now, I don't shop there (I think I bought some fabric at one ten years ago) and I do try very hard not to buy anything from China, which is quite difficult, almost impossible.  But that argument is a total red herring.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the Supreme Court case.

Argument …